Here at Search Engine Kendra we specialise in making your business shipshape on the web, our primary focus is brand consistency making sure that you are utilising your brand on the web.


The first thing we will look at is your website, we will assess if we can make some UX changes to make it easier for your customers to use and search engines to understand.

Next, we will look at your off-page brand for instance industry publications that may have listed your business but the details may be incorrect.  We will work with all parties to try to bring it in line with your brand.

Once your stall is set out in ready to use we will look at the best way to market your customer base and use a third-party data cleaning service to make sure the data is in top condition.

As soon as we are sure everything is neat and tidy we will implement some advertising and PR to complement the outbound marketing strategy.  We will look at industry magazines both on and off-line and work to establish a communication channel.

We don’t just do search engine marketing we look at the whole picture, search engines are looking for trustworthy brands that provide a real solution to real problems.  If your marketing is incomplete and inconsistent it is unlikely you will get any traction with your customer base.